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7th & 8th Grade Girls

To align with US Lacrosse, the national governing body for lacrosse, we have adopted their player segmentation. To comply with US Lacrosse, we have 14U  &13U teams at the 7th & 8th grade level.

Our 7th & 8th Grade program is for experienced players who are looking to take their lacrosse game to the next level. We also always seek new players to the game who have played other sports and love to run. Our goal is to prepare players at this age for their high school varsity lacrosse programs. 

  • Teams are made up of strongest lacrosse players at their age group and require the greatest level of commitment, with the teams training together fall, winter, summer and competing in tournaments together
  • Training is focused on player development including stick work, positioning, and game decision-making
  • Our dedicated and experienced coaches provide challenging training as an introduction to Elite high school training and competition
  • Our training is amped-up and challenging - we expect each player to have a strong work ethic as we strive to develop her to her full potential
  • Training calendar is published far in advance so you know your team's schedule throughout the year