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Cabin Fever 4v4 - High School Division

High School Division Details

Date: Sunday, March 4, 2018
Location: Eden Prairie High School Dome 
Team Check-in & Warm-Ups: 8:00AM - 8:30AM 
Game Time: 8:30AM - 1:30PM
Cost: $45 per player
Grades: Open to ALL girls lacrosse players in 8th-12th grades

Hannah Riggs




Plan your team/teams now - 4v4 means 4 field players and 1 goalie. Minimum of 6 players and maximum of 10 players per team. 

TEAM Registration: Spread the word to your team - from there each player registers independently and lists their team name they are playing on. Our website will be updated often so you can see who has registered for your team. Multiple teams from the same school/program are welcome!

INDEPENDENT Registration: Sign up as an individual and we will assign you to one of our "House Teams".

JERSEY: Have your team wear same color T-shirt or pinney (House Teams will be provided pinnies)

No goalie? Let us know so we can help you! Contact Hannah Riggs

High School Teams & Rosters

Rosters are manually updated.
Last Updated: February 23rd at 7:45 PM


Jenna H
Emma J
Sammi J

Apple Valley

Taiva R
Molly M
Grace L
Reagan R
Laine C (GK)
Ashlyn H
Josie S
Kealey J


Kalissa F
Shannon E
Eliot M
Sophie S
Jackie W
Catherine B
Payton C
Ava O
Brooke L
Erin L
Madeleine F (GK)

Bloomington Jefferson

Beth M
Paige T
Lillian L (GK)

Breck Navy

Brooke S
Britt H
Emilia S
Elinor A
Becca H
Alex K
Deirdre O
Lillian V
Luci M
Lindsey P
Riley C
Eloise C
Hannah P
Natalie O
Reagan M (GK)

Breck Gold


Sydnie S
Shea K
Kaylyn C (GK)
Kyra G
Elle W
Grace D


Mackenzie N
Nicole J
Emma S
Sydney H

Delano Tigers

Kelli L
Lily M
Emma M
Haley V
Clair M (GK)
Kate P
Lindsey D

Eden Prairie Black

Brooke L
Kacie R
Lily F
Kate P
Soleil T
Reese H

Eden Prairie White

Rachel L
Alex P
Erica G
Abby N
Grace T
Paige N

Edina Green

Jane D (GK)
Haley R
Helen P
Caleigh C
Kate J

Edina White

Josephine A
CeCe L

Elk River

Abbey B
Emma B

Gentry Academy

Olivia N
Ashley O (GK)
Grace N
Claire N
Nora T
Lucia S
Emma B
Emily S
Isabel S


Lauren V
Caitlin O
Delaney F
Megan M

Holy Family

Mary N
Salome G
Bella D (GK)
Brielle B

Lakeville North Black

Chloe F
Sydney G
Alyson H (GK)
Gianna F
Geneva M
Olivia M

Lakeville North Red

Paige B
Emma S
Elaine G
Samantha D
Jade E
Meredith L (GK)


Lillian H
Kate M
Anna B
Onie L (GK)
Lauren Y
Minnie B

Monti Magic

Oriana J
Myra B (GK)
Emma C
Marren B
Morgynn S
Mya B

Orono Red

Geneva B
Abbie J
Colette M
Josie P
Mary P

Prior Lake Navy

Grace M (GK)
Lauren W
Jacqueline L
Dezi S
Kelsey V
Payton B
Jordan A
Josie K

Prior Lake Gold

Renae L
Camille L
Melisse L
Jade H
Kelsey W
Josie W

Prior Lake White

Jordan G (GK)
Rachel W
Aja B
Maddie G
Meghan M


Alison S
Lexy P
Chloe E
Katelyn L
Erika G
Maddy R (GK)
Holly E
Marisa M
Imani C

Yeti Blue

Megan K
Emma B
Greta B
Kaylee C
Tia K
Ellie J
Emily G (GK)
Brooke F
Erin A

Yeti White

Madison K
Anna K
Clara J
Heather S
Rowan T
Emma W
Mollie B (GK)
Kendra E
Isabelle G
Sophia P


Laura R
Anna R
Alicia G
Samantha B
Greta S
Milena F
Olivia B (GK)
Allison W